The Wos Luxury Residences

The Wos Luxury Residences are a symbol of service and luxury, offering impeccable guestrooms, revitalizing spas and exceptional food and wine, all perfectly tailored to those who expect nothing but the best—the world’s most discerning business and leisure travelers seeking an elegant meeting space or sophisticated escape.

The Wos Luxury Residences are regarded as boutique hotels and are placed in prime locations of economically and culturally important cities like New York, Hamburg, Zurich and Tokio. The brand has been established to offer an adequate product to travelers who seek a private ambience and a refuge. These houses are designed with great attention to detail and the local culture. Every The Wos Luxury Residences have a chic, homely character with classically elegant interiors. Other notable features of The Wos Luxury Residences are tastefully furnished spacious rooms, spa-like bathrooms and, of course, the outstanding service.